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Our practical sheets

Rent a garage or a parking lot

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Do you want to rent a garage or a parking lot?

When the parking lot is rented at the same time as an apartment, by the same owner, it can be considered as an accessory to the rental of the apartment. It is then included in the same lease as the accommodation.

  • - When the dwelling is rented empty, the lease is subject, in principle, to the law of July 6, 1989(Sheet 20-1 : Renting an unfurnished property),
  • - When the dwelling is rented furnished, the lease is subject, if it is the tenant's main residence, to this particular regulation(Sheet 20-2 : Renting a furnished dwelling).

If you rent a garage or a parking lot in isolation, the law does not impose any particular rules for this type of rental. In practice, it is common to set up a one-year lease, automatically renewable. But other terms - shorter or longer - are possible.

Note: thereal estate agent 's fees are generally charged to the tenant, according to the agency's fee schedule, when the garage is rented in isolation.

A written rental lease must be drawn up and certain diagnostics must be attached to it(Data Sheet 10-2: Mandatory diagnostics for rentals).

During the lease, the tenant pays the rental charges and pays for the repairs that are required by the contract. Non-rental repairs are carried out by the landlord.

It is necessary to specify, in the lease, the conditions under which a notice of termination may be issued by the lessor as well as by the tenant, as well as the possible notice period to be respected.